Hi there everyone! 

So, this is only the beginning of the "New Look for a New Year" Project. As 2012 fast approaches, many things are bound to change. More and more I'm realizing that a better structured atmosphere is necessary. With that in mind, I've decided to create a space in the web where anyone will be able to ask questions, get answers, talk, discuss and chat about anything. You'll be able to send comments and even suggest themes and topics to be discussed. As usual, you are the boss.

However, for this to work, you have to check it out regularly; you have to participate... Remember, this is a forum where you can write freely. Don't be embarrassed. Nobody's born knowing everything. Take it one day at a time and for sure you'll always be on the right track. Soon enough you'll realize that you're speaking English.

Once again, I truly hope that you take advantage of this space to ask those questions that appear during week while we're not in class... This way, not only you, but many other people may also benefit from your doubts. Keep in touch!

Mark ;-)